A Universal Time Wiki

"This is the Perfect being that Kars has turned into thanks to the Red Stone!"

Obtained by using an aja mask on kars

PASSIVE A: Regeneration

You're body is superior to all living life and has acquired the ability to repair itself.

PASSIVE B: Peak condition

Due to your perfect genetics you have enhanced leaping, running and dashing.


Ultimate Life Form get determination to later get a power up of strength and speed

E + Hold - Brilliant Ultimate Bone Blade

Use your light blades to do a very fast rush dealing AMAZING damage.

R - Ultimate Life Form Punch

Do an extremely fast punch that deals incredible damage with loads of knock back.

T - Blood Suck

Grab an opponent with both hands and drain their blood, healing you.

F - Spinning Attack

You spin into your opponents, cutting them and throwing them away. This deals good damage.

Z - Flight

ULF uses its wings to fly

Pros- Insane damage, mobility, and even a lifesteal

Cons- Still lacks range.