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"My heart is burning with the heat of a raging fire! Feel the pounding beat of my pulse! SUNLIGHT YELLOW OVERDRIVE!"

Obtained by buying it on the shop

Q - Sendō Chop

The player performs an incredible, hamon-infused chop at an extremely quick speed. The more Hamon energy you have, the stronger this move becomes.

E + Hold - Sunlight Yellow Overdrive

The player beats down the target with a set of moderately powerful, yet overwhelmingly fast hamon-imbued punches.

R - Scarlet Overdrive

The player strikes the opponent with a fast left hook, dealing an incredible amount of damage and knocking the opponent back a fair distance.

T- Zoom Punch

The player uses their hamon breathing to dislocate and stretch the joints in their right arm to extend its reach, and strikes the target

F - Hamonic Blade

The player pulls out Luck and Pluck, driving it backwards for a moment, then brings it down upon the opponent

Pros- Good Damage

Cons- Bad Range and basic mobility

Use Dragon Ball on this for MUI